Fundraising events are extremely popular, so it is inevitable that there will a number of stand outs. These popular fundraising ideas are also used to collect ideas for church fundraisers funds because they also illicit response from the public. So if you are organizing a fundraising event and need some good, tried-and-true ideas, check out these:

The Classic Sale

One of the popular fundraising events ideas is holding a sale. Sales can range from bake sales, auctions, and garage sales, among others. This type of fundraiser event is popular if the endeavor is done in a community, especially if a school or a community-based organization organizes the event. Bigger non-profit organizations, on the other hand, tend to vie away from these efforts, since they are very small in scale and in revenue opportunity.

However, one of the more popular fundraiser events ideas that would work for small scale and large scale scope is the sporting competition. Community and sports teams often hold this type of fundraiser in order to spread enthusiasm for the team. For bigger organizations, meanwhile, this event has a lot of appeal since it usually attracts big names. Nevertheless, in this type of fundraising event, even the people who are interested to join the competition must pay a registration fee. This registration fee will serve as their donation, which will then be used to fund various causes and relief operations, among other purposes.

Have You Considered a Dinner or Concert?

Another fundraiser raiser idea which could work for any type of organization is the benefit dinner and the benefit concert. Here, donors have to pay an entrance fee so they can attend the dinner or the concert. Benefit dinners are usually major events attended by big names in various industries – especially if the fundraising event is organized by a non-profit organization. The dinner will be a meal composed of several courses, usually done by professional chefs who volunteered for the sake of charity. Other times, the meals are prepared by celebrities and known personality to give the dinner a certain novelty. Of course, if held by a smaller group, the dinner is a simple affair. However, simple or elaborate, the purpose of this fundraising event remains the same. As for the concert, these groups usually commission a known artist to perform.

For both of these events, the materials and workers needed are usually in form of sponsorship and volunteers. This is especially true for benefit concerts. Most of the time, the artist or musician who will perform will render their services for free for the sake of charity. This means the ticket sales will go mostly to the funds needed. Meanwhile, the food for the benefit dinners is usually donated or sponsored by companies.