The most astonishing thing that my understudies realize when I show a class or studio on the Kubotan self-preservation keychain, is exactly the number of things should be possible with this basic looking little device. What’s more, that, is important for it’s force!

Many individuals, including would-be aggressors, think little of the viability of the Kubotan. All things considered, it resembles a fat pencil and is scarcely sufficiently large to fit stretch out from the shut hand that is holding it. In any case, that is the place where the enchanted starts.

While most instructors center around utilizing the Kubotan in an obviously forceful way, I help my understudies to utilize this incredible little weapon to “assault the secret spots” – where your aggressor can neither see nor secure…

…until it’s past the point of no return.

The Kubotan has three fundamental capacities, or strategies, by which it can convey the most extreme measure of harm with a negligible measure of exertion with respect to the protector. This strategies are:

1. Turning or smashing

2. Striking, and…

3. Scratching

Also, when done against explicit focuses on the custom keychains rival’s body, the outcomes can be destroying.

The three assault strategies can be utilized in an assortment of ways against explicit “delicate regions,” known as kyusho (articulated “kyoo-show”) in Japanese. These three regions, or target types, are…

1. Strain focuses (these are similar ones utilized in accupressure and accupuncture for mending)

2. Delicate regions (like the eyes, more slender skin in the inner parts and backs of the arms, lips, and so on), and…

3. Bone design (particularly regions not covered by muscle).

The Kubotan self-preservation keychain is an extremely amazing weapon, even in the possession of a beginner. Truth be told, I would say that it’s the best first-weapon for the fledgling or individual with no proper preparing hoping to provide themselves with the upside of a weapon, without the more extended expectation to learn and adapt typically required.